We make your pay go even further

People are your single biggest investment. We’ll help them get the most out of their pay and pension – by connecting the dots between their dreams in life and their reward at work.

Keep great people
for longer

Increase engagement with every benefit

mental health

Report tangible impact
to leadership

One size doesn’t fit all.

We make money personal and engaging.


Every employee gets someone to talk to. For free. Every year.

No one should have to sort their money alone. And no chat bot comes close to the feeling of speaking face-to-face with a real human being (at least not yet!).


You learn by doing – not just reading.

We help employees explore and visualise the impact of their decisions. They can add and play with different scenarios and see the impact on their life and their money. Like…”What if I get that promotion?” “What if I put more in my pension?”


Changing behaviour is the hardest part. And a plan is only as good as what you do with it.

Our team provides ongoing 1-to-1 support, encouragement and accountability to help employees actually make the changes they want to see.

Give employees someone to answer all of their questions

How much should I put in my pension?

One place for comprehensive money support.

<strong>Money Planning</strong>

Money Planning

1-to-1 support to build a long-term forecast and custom action plan for employees’ life goals.
<strong>Budgeting Bootcamp</strong>

Budgeting Bootcamp

1-to-1 support to create sustainable budgeting habits that work for them.
<strong>Mortgage Advice</strong>

Mortgage Advice

Free access (worth £500) to a mortgage specialist who can help employees through the house-buying process.


Discounts on personal will-writing, checked by a fully qualified solicitor.
<strong>Protection Check</strong>

Protection Check

A free tool to help employees learn about protection and ensure they have the right insurance for their needs.
<strong>Monthly Webinars</strong>

Monthly Webinars

Live sessions and Q&As every month, on the topics employees really care about.
<strong>Content Library</strong>

Content Library

A hub of articles, videos and guides covering a range of money topics, written by experts and updated monthly.
<strong>Email Helpline</strong>

Email Helpline

Employees can contact our money team with all of their general money questions.
<strong>Employee Insights Reports</strong>

Employee Insights Reports

Track how employees are improving their finances.

See it in action

Forget surveys. Measure real results.


Increase their pension


Better off in retirement


Save more money

“Giving our teams access to a real, human expert really helps them take action to improve their financial health.”
Tracey Quiggin
Head of Reward, MoneySuperMarket
“I have never received so many messages of thanks from our people.”
Nimesh Shah
CEO, Blick Rothenberg
“When people start here, they tell me ‘this is an unbelievable benefit, I can’t believe you offer this.’ It’s making a real, tangible impact on their lives.”
Chris Sheard
CEO, SR2 Recruitment
“I don’t think we’ve ever had such good take up. It has now set the benchmark for all our benefit launches.”
Sam Wilkerson
Reward Analyst, Dentsu
"We’ve had amazing feedback. Coaches have the time to really understand employees. Then, they conjure up a plan for you."
Adam Fox-Everitt
Head of Reward, Browne Jacobson

Monthly insights for people leaders

Thought-provoking perspectives and trends from our team of consultants and coaches.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular features of Octopus Money?

The most popular features from Octopus Money are the ability to:

  • Get a visualised year-by-year forecast, all the way to retirement, so employees can be confident making bigger financial decisions
  • Find out exactly how much to save, invest and put into pension to reach your goals
  • Keep track of the money “to dos” you agree
  • Add your partner’s finances at no additional cost
  • Get thematic insights from employees on topics like DE&I, financial wellbeing, benefits satisfaction and more
Are you FCA-regulated?

Yes. However, our money coaches will not provide regulated "financial advice” to your employees. For example, they won't recommend specific investments, funds or other financial products to your employees.

Some employees with more complex circumstances can choose to meet with a regulated financial adviser from our team and receive regulated financial advice.

Why do your financial planning fees qualify for tax-efficient salary sacrifice?

In 2017, a bill was passed allowing an employee to receive up to £500 p.a. of ‘pension advice’ as a non-taxable benefit. Every employee that works with a coach or adviser to "Plan Their Goals" will get a personalised retirement plan to help them make better decisions about their pensions. Check out EIM21803.

How is Octopus Money different from other financial wellbeing providers?

We’re proud to be one of the first and most established providers of money coaching and other employee support services in the UK. We’re FCA-registered for Financial Advice, an Associate Firm of the Personal Finance Society and recognised by the Initiative for Financial Wellbeing.

Take our word for it…"money advice for everyone" is hard to do properly. We have been built from the ground up to do just that – delivering the very best 1-to-1 support for all of your employees, at the best price possible.

We’re building the UK’s biggest and most diverse community of accredited coaches, which allows us to support companies big and small.

Our team uses professional-grade planning tools to build a personalised plan and action list for every client.

We take direct and ongoing responsibility for training, supervising and monitoring all of our team – that means clients aren’t passed on to an unknown parties for support.

Finally, you can trust that we have long-term stability and backing because we’re part of Octopus Group.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the service depends on a few factors, especially the uptake you want to see from your employees. But we offer options for all budgets.

Get in touch with our teams and they can share a custom quote for your business.

Octopus Money is a trading name of TW11 Wealth Management Limited. Registered in England and Wales (No. 10339119). Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our Financial Services Register number is 763630.