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Your employees’ money will go further with Octopus Money.

  • 100% build a retirement plan
  • 25% increase their pension
  • 51% reduce their debt
  • 55% increase their savings
  • £289,320 better off in retirement

Already loved by more than 200,000 employees across the UK

“Giving our teams access to a real, human expert really helps them take action to improve their financial health.”
Tracey Quiggin
Head of Reward, MoneySuperMarket
“I have never received so many messages of thanks from our people.”
Nimesh Shah
CEO, Blick Rothenberg
“When people start here, they tell me ‘this is an unbelievable benefit, I can’t believe you offer this.’ It’s making a real, tangible impact on their lives.”
Chris Sheard
CEO, SR2 Recruitment
“I don’t think we’ve ever had such good take up. It has now set the benchmark for all our benefit launches.”
Sam Wilkerson
Reward Analyst, Dentsu
“We’ve had amazing feedback. Coaches have the time to really understand employees. Then, they conjure up a plan for you.”
Adam Fox-Everitt
Head of Reward, Browne Jacobson

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Saving for season tickets!

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