Octopus and divorce specialists, amicable, tie the knot

Octopus has acquired amicable, the leader in helping couples separate in a kinder and more affordable way.

Octopus Group announces today that it has acquired a majority stake in amicable, to help accelerate its growth and transform the way couples across the UK end relationships. amicable will work with sister brands Octopus Money and Guardian Angel to help customers navigate the financial, legal and administrative headaches that difficult life events can involve.

amicable was founded in 2015 by Kate Daly and Pip Wilson, following Kate’s lengthy and expensive divorce. Since then, it has grown into a trusted brand that helps couples avoid the emotional and financial turmoil of divorce through a kinder, more collaborative and tech-enabled process than the traditional lawyer-led model. 

amicable helps couples separate without lawyering up each side, providing a fixed-fee service to navigate the emotional, financial and legal journey involved when  ending a relationship. By focusing on “families in transition” as opposed to the outdated concept of a “broken family,” the company has worked to prove that divorce can be navigated in an empathetic way for everyone involved.

The deal is part of Octopus’ vision of offering customers deeper emotional and financial support through their biggest life events. Guardian Angel, Octopus Money and amicable all share a mission of breaking down societal taboos around topics like money, bereavement  and divorce, as well as creating a trusted space for people to get personalised help from an expert, at an affordable price. 

This acquisition will power amicable’s growth, and enable more separating couples to build positive futures apart. This is an exciting opportunity for existing and future amicable customers who will benefit from the same services, but with additional opportunities that come with being part of Octopus. 

Ruth Handcock, CEO at Octopus Money, said: “Our customers often come to us during big life moments that force them to take a look at their finances, like parenthood, buying a property, or divorce. In times like these, emotional and practical support need to go hand in hand. 

amicable’s mission of helping couples navigate these moments in a more positive way, is the perfect marriage for Octopus’s ethos of challenging convention, and backing companies that are committed to making a difference. Together, we can provide the money and legal advice that customers need to help them navigate these moments more smoothly.”  

“Tying the knot with Octopus is a significant milestone for us” said Kate Daly, co-founder of amicable. “Octopus’ commitment to innovation and financial empowerment aligns with our vision of providing accessible and consumer-led legal services.Together, we look forward to realising our vision of a brighter and more positive future for separating couples and society more generally.”

Pip Wilson, co-founder of amicable, said: “We’re thrilled that Octopus will power our future growth and success and are delighted to join the network of fantastic organisations. Separation is never easy, but with Octopus, it now can be amicable for more people.”

About Octopus Money

Octopus Money is a business working to make money advice accessible to everyone. Through a hybrid approach of experienced coaches, advisers and technology, Octopus Money works with customers across the country to help them see where they really stand financially, and take the first steps to turn their dreams into reality. To date, Octopus Money has partnered with hundreds of workplaces, giving hundreds of thousands of employees access to personalised money advice.

Octopus Money is part of Octopus Group. Founded in 2000, Octopus is a group of entrepreneurially-minded businesses, each built on the belief that people deserve better. It currently serves over 5 million UK customers across its group of companies, and has over £13 billion* under management.

About amicable 

Working with customers since 2015, amicable provides a tech enabled, human led divorce and separation service that has helped thousands of couples ‘untie the knot’, reducing acrimony and expense. The service harnesses a unique combination of technology and psychology to help couples divorce, separate and co-parent amicably.

In 2020 amicable won a landmark High Court Judgment challenging the lawyer vs lawyer model of divorce and separation. This validated amicable’s approach of only working with couples rather than representing individuals. This method reduces conflict and acrimony by focusing on the future and what’s best for the entire family. Its fixed-fee model provides a more affordable way than using separate lawyers and is democratising divorce and separation advice.

About Octopus Group

At Octopus, we’re entrepreneurs and we’re investors, on a mission to back the people, ideas and industries that will change the world. 

As entrepreneurs, we build our own businesses to address some of society’s biggest problems. Octopus Energy, our energy transition business, is the best example of this.  As investors, we invest the £13 billion* our clients have entrusted us with into the areas where we believe we can have the greatest impact.

At our core, we believe that how a company behaves is just as important as what it does. That’s why we chose to become an accredited B Corp (the equivalent of a Fairtrade coffee stamp but for companies) and to change our Articles of Association so that the interests all our stakeholders – employees, customers, communities, environment and shareholders – are considered in every decision we make.  

Octopus Investments, Octopus Energy, Octopus Money, Octopus Australia, Seccl Technology, Aurora and Guardian Angel are all part of Octopus Group. 

*Funds under management data includes undrawn commitments, funds under advisory mandates and funds monitored. It also includes funds under the management of Octopus Renewables Limited. As of 30th September 2023.

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