Navigate your organisation and get Octopus Money approved, signed and launched quickly! 

Employers recently told us that money coaching is the #1 benefit they most want to offer to employees. 

But becoming a people-first organisation that supports employees’ to connect their dreams in life with their reward at work can seem like a daunting task…but we promise it’s not! 

Here’s our 7 step plan to support People Leads and make the process as easy and efficient as possible!

1. Set a Clear Vision

You need to bring together the right team of stakeholders internally, and present your vision for financial wellbeing. 

We can help you get them inspired and excited by equipping you to highlight what’s important, connect it to your wider business strategy, and showcase the positive  impacts on your people and your business. 

We’ll also demo our incredible planning tool, so everyone can see it come to life and model real life scenarios for your employees.

2. The Devil  in the  Details

You need to pre-empt and answer difficult questions from Leadership, your Finance department, the pensions team, the diversity and inclusion team, learning & development…anyone! 

We’ve launched money coaching with over 9000 employers so we know exactly what all your colleagues need to know to reassure them. Whether it’s how payroll is impacted, what the National Insurance savings are, or whether coaching can help improve inclusion (it can!) we’ve definitely got the answer you need. 

3. Pick the Right Time to Launch

You need to find the best time to launch, for maximum employee impact and uptake! 

We’ll help you overcome blockers and move past internal delays so you can start giving  your team personalised help with their money as soon as possible, regardless of the benefits review timetable. 

For example, many employers we work with think they need to align with a typical benefits schedule, but it’s not the case! We can help you find different catalysts to launch that capture the attention of employees, like your own internal wellbeing days, or Mental Health Awareness Week.

4. Collaborate to Free Up Capacity

You need to plan a launch that’s efficient and doesn’t become a time-suck on your team. 

We’ve created hundreds of proposals to help HR leaders get support from their stakeholders and their own team. So, we know how important it is to drive cross-team working and create the buzz you need internally to have an amazing launch.

Introducing us early means we can help you clearly define and ring-fence time and resources within HR. As well as providing the right support and tools. Sometimes, it’s an event, a video message, or a team workshop to co-create the right solution.

5. Complete the Contract

You want to expedite the signing process and make sure questions from due diligence, legal, and risk teams are proactively addressed. 

We love to work as ‘part of your team’, making sure we adapt to your processes and policies to get the yes you need to move forward. Introduce us to your internal teams and we’ll make sure we really understand their concerns and provide the data and information that comprehensively answers their contract questions. 

We’ve launched money coaching from companies across all industries and all sizes, so we understand the data these teams need.  Whether that’s explaining how our coach-to-employee match-making service works, or reassuring them about how employee data is handled, we’ve probably answered it a few times before!

6. Plan a Brilliant Comms Strategy

You want to have a super effective and impactful launch that really engages your employees! 

We’ll do the heavy lifting and provide you with brilliantly crafted comms that you can use across multiple employee touch points – emails, webinars, social media, Slack, Teams, Yammer etc. – all tailored to your company’s specific needs and brand.

And we don’t think a great launch is just a one-off! We’ll support you over the first 3-6 months to really make sure we’re covering all bases when it comes to engaging your employees and internal networks.

7. Obsessively Review Uptake and Insights

You want to know how the service is landing, and whether your employees are making the most of it! You also want to know exactly how the service is impacting the  financial health of your employees. 

It’s our mission to bring positive money conversations to as many employees as possible. So we’re obsessed with reviewing the success of your launch and sharing regular updates with you. 

For example, we’re able to tell you how many of your employees feel comfortable managing their money (often surprisingly low!). Or how many employees have a will in place (up to 78% often don’t!). 

On a monthly basis we’ll share detailed information on how the service is landing with your employees, who’s signed up, and the insights we’re getting to help you understand the levels of financial confidence and inclusion in your workplace.

Monthly insights for people leaders

Thought-provoking perspectives and trends from our team of consultants and coaches.

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