Neurodiversity resources

Thanks for coming to our Evening with Impact on Neurodiversity at Work.
Here are some resources and websites to help you on your neuroinclusion journey.

Objective career frameworks

Objective career frameworks are key to supporting neurodiverse employees. Charthop has some great articles about why this is important, and some frameworks you can follow.

An essential resource hub

From explanations to case studies, the Neurodiversity Hub is a great place to start learning about how employers can achieve a more accommodating working environment and inclusive workforce.

Changing the autism conversation

In We’re Not Broken, Eric M Garica uses his own life as a springboard to discuss the social and policy gaps that exist in supporting those on the spectrum. From education to healthcare, he explores how autistic people wrestle with systems that were not built with them in mind.

Creating meaningful employment opportunities for people with autism

Many individuals on the autism spectrum have the capabilities businesses need, and with an under- or unemployment rate nearing 80%, they can become a key part of the solution. This article brings together learnings, approaches and insights from major companies around starting a similar hiring initiative at your own company, no matter the size or industry.

Hiring and Supporting Neurodiversity in the Workplace

In this course, HR professional and organisational psychologist Tiffany Jameson addresses neurodiversity and the importance of recognizing how different individuals’ learning and communication style influences how they work best.

Neuroinclusion at work

This guide is for people professionals and leaders across functions who want to learn more about neurodiversity, the benefits of having a neuroinclusive and fair organisation, and how they can support neurodivergent people to be comfortable, confident and successful at work

Creating a better work environment for all by embracing neurodiversity

In this article, drawing from insights derived from interviews, case studies, and market observations, Deloitte explore the value of embracing and incorporating neurodivergent workers, and provide a framework for thinking through hiring, screening, and retention strategies

ADHD at work

This guide aims to answer the many questions that you may have about ADHD: What is ADHD? How will it affect my employee and on the rest of the team and organisation? What can I do to support them?

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