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I’ve always been interested in helping people understand finance. After becoming a chartered accountant I moved into business and finance writing and publishing, specialising initially in the business world. Gradually I became more interested in personal rather than company finance, partly through my own experiences in understanding how to manage my finances.

But this process made me realise that all the changes in laws and regulations that had increased choice and made finance more accessible had perversely put more pressure on individuals to navigate an increasingly complex financial world – one that many people simply do not have the education or the knowledge to deal with. Becoming a volunteer debt adviser confirmed that I wanted to help people who were looking for someone to guide them through their financial journey, and this led me to becoming a money coach.

My mission is to work with my clients to cut through the confusion and to break down what can seem like daunting, difficult (and often dull!) issues into bite-sized actions that are easy to understand and to act on. The greatest joy for me comes from watching clients realise that managing money doesn’t have to be complicated or be hard work: by taking small steps they can see a clear path ahead to doing what’s important to them.

Everybody’s different: we all have our own circumstances and wants and needs. The wonderful thing about having your own money coach is to have someone by your side who takes time to understand your situation and who works with you over time to help you take control over your finances to improve your life.

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“Excellent and friendly advice. It’s motivated us to carry out important planning that we should have done years ago, and great ideas for how to plan for the future too.”
“After just 2 calls I feel so much better about my finances and making short and long term plans – such peace of mind.”
“Great service! Have recommended to other members of the team. Has been pushing me to do things I had set a side for a while. I’m thankful.”
“Very approachable and down to earth, great sessions that are very specific to my needs.”

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