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My mission is simple: educate people on personal finance so they feel confident and empowered when making decisions about money. Each of us has a unique relationship with money that has been shaped by our history.

Working together, we will unpick your current relationship with money, and ascertain what a healthy relationship with money looks like for you. Then, we’ll determine your financial goals (no matter how big or small) and discuss the strategies that can support you. Taking a holistic view of your financial situation, we’ll create a roadmap, underpinned by a strong financial plan, so you can start proactively working towards your financial goals.

No single approach is the right one for every individual, but we will identify the techniques that work best for you, so you can gain more confidence in your finances and boost your overall financial wellbeing.

I’ll be there to celebrate your successes and support you when times are tough. At the end of the day, progress is never a straight line, but hopefully, through education, guidance, and accountability, it won’t be quite as squiggly.

Before entering the world of financial coaching, I spent 14 years as a personal tax adviser, kicking off my career at a Big Four accountancy firm, and wrapping it up at a wealth management firm. Despite progressing in my corporate career, I felt unfulfilled and couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing. It wasn’t until my son was born and I experienced a health setback, that I started to explore those feelings further and concluded that helping others to feel good makes my life feel most meaningful. So, I took a leap of faith and resigned from my role in professional services so that I could dedicate my time to projects that align with my desire to be a force for positive change.

These days, alongside financial coaching, I work with social entrepreneurs and charities who are striving to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, particularly good health and wellbeing, quality education, and gender equality. It feels good to be giving back and doing something that both inspires and motivates me. Do I miss being a tax adviser? Absolutely not.

When I’m not working, you’ll find me flying down the slide with my toddler at the park, desperately trying to improve my somewhat limited photography skills, or perusing my recipe book collection to inspire my next bake.

If you’re ready to collaborate on a strategy to achieve control of your financial future, use the link below to book a free session with me. I’m excited to meet you!

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“Informative, knowledgeable, friendly and supportive. I feel really excited for start taking action towards my financial goals.”
“Excellent and friendly advice. It’s motivated us to carry out important planning that we should have done years ago, and great ideas for how to plan for the future too.”
“After just 2 calls I feel so much better about my finances and making short and long term plans – such peace of mind.”
“Great service! Have recommended to other members of the team. Has been pushing me to do things I had set a side for a while. I’m thankful.”
“Very approachable and down to earth, great sessions that are very specific to my needs.”

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