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My aim is to inspire you to take an active interest in managing your money and to feel confident in the decisions you take.

Whatever your financial situation, feeling that you are in control of your money is an important part of general wellbeing. Conversely, concerns about money can be a cause of anxiety and stress. In my previous career in education, I’ve encountered many people who find working with numbers daunting. Even for those who don’t, there is so much information and advice about what to do with your money that it can be a confusing and time-consuming process to find the information you need, and to know who to trust or where to start. No wonder many of us find it much easier just to put off making decisions! 

As an educator, I found the keys to success were to identify a motivation for learning, to provide the appropriate steps for building knowledge and understanding, and to support and encourage students on their road to success. As a financial coach, I want to give you the the time and opportunity to think about what you really need from your finances, so you have the motivation to actively manage your money. I can assist with navigating the available information and provide direction and clarification where needed so you can develop the knowledge and understanding you need to feel confident in your decision making. Most importantly, I can support you on your financial journey, helping you plan the actions you need to take and keeping you on track so your goals become reality. 

Working with me as your coach gives you a chance to take a holistic, ongoing view of your finances. Our software is a great way to visualise your situation and assess whether a plan is realistic, so you can be confident that you are moving forward with your money in the best way possible. 

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“Informative, knowledgeable, friendly and supportive. I feel really excited for start taking action towards my financial goals.”
“Excellent and friendly advice. It’s motivated us to carry out important planning that we should have done years ago, and great ideas for how to plan for the future too.”
“After just 2 calls I feel so much better about my finances and making short and long term plans – such peace of mind.”
“Great service! Have recommended to other members of the team. Has been pushing me to do things I had set a side for a while. I’m thankful.”
“Very approachable and down to earth, great sessions that are very specific to my needs.”

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